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Tight hamstrings?

Tight hamstrings can contribute big time to back pain. If you look around they are probably the most stretched group of muscles that you see people performing.

I was once a back pain sufferer and one of those people that stretched and stretched their hammys for little or no benefit. If only I had been shown how a tennis ball and 5 minutes work would change my hamstrings forever, and greatly reduce my back pain

Click here to view my demonstration of how to get rid of tight hamstrings.


Diet can help with back painIf you have back pain you should avoid eating and drinking certain things. The foods we eat can have a dramatic impact on our bodies, for example things like sugar can make the body more sensitive to pain and heighten the nervous system. Too much white bread and pasta can make the body stiff and stodgy.

So if you have pain and you’re eating a lot of sugar or flour based meals you need to cut as much out of your diet as you can. Remember things like bottled juice have a very high sugar content however if you have a freshly squeezed juice and drink it within 15 minutes it’s okay. Alcohol, especially pre-mixed drinks and beer are very high in sugar.

When we consume foods they form a reaction in our body that is either acid forming or alkaline forming. The ideal PH balance for our bodies is on the alkaline side of the scale. Too much acid forming foods will lead to numerous illnesses and diseases. Not much survives in an acidic environment.

Sugar, white flour and caffeine are very acid forming. Most fruits and all vegetables are alkaline forming. To keep it simple, fresh is best. Eat a diet that consists of a lot of fresh, organic fruit and vegetables and limit the amount of processed foods you eat. 

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